Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Natural Deodorant that works?

Since I read There's Lead In Your Lipstick last June, I've done a major overhaul of my health and beauty routine and made an effort to eliminate all the toxic stuff.  Some things have been really easy - moisturizer, hair products, mascara.  I knew that the real challenge would be deodorant.  I've always been fairly sweaty, though less so in the last few years, and I know that everyone's body chemistry is different, so it was hard to guess what would work for me - there are lots to choose from.  I didn't have high hopes, but I figured that part of the process would involve changing my perspective on body odour and wetness.  Like, is it that bad?  Instead of bone dry and smelling like Summer Berry Breeze, how about not too sodden and not too funky?  My job does involve being right up in people's personal space, so I didn't want to be too self conscious about grossing people out.

My first purchase was Lafe's lavender scent, a recommendation from the woman at Whole Foods.  It was pretty good.  I used it all through the summer, with the exception of a few critical days (bridesmaid duty...) and I was satisfied for the most part - a little damp at times, a little more smell than with my old Dove, or maybe I should say a little less artificial smell, a little more natural smell.  It lasted six months; I just finished it and decided to try something new.  

 I had read a glowing review of the Rocky Mountain Soap company deodorant, saying that not only was it really effective, it was totally free of all nasty ingredients.  Although it contains liquid crystal it doesn't have anything hazardous that the solid crystals do.  I chose the geranium scent, and I've only used it for a couple of days, but so far so good.  It's not anything miraculous, but I felt like it was at least as good as the Lafe's and I like that it dried a little quicker when I put it on.

One thing that I have noticed is that because the scents are natural, they are kind of limited.  You know, citrus, pine, geranium, lavender.  The thing is that all of these scents are kind of sharp and almost acidic, kind of like sweat.  I wonder if that's because these are the strongest natural scents.  I'd be interested in trying something spicy, or maybe rose.  I think Weleda has a rose scent, but I don't know if I want to pay double what these other ones cost.

Anybody out there tried any natural deodorants that work, or any to avoid?  Are you disgusted by anything but perfectly perfumed armpits or do you think it's OK to smell a little more human?

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