Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nineties fashion magazines!

I started buying Vogue magazine every month in grade six, which was 1991.  I also bought Elle and Bazaar fairly often, and had subscriptions to Sassy and Seventeen.  When they weren't scattered around my horribly messy bedroom, they accumulated in stacks in my closets and then cardboard boxes under my bed.  By the time I moved out after high school, I had some serious recycling to do, and I was OK with it.  I had torn out enough inspiring pages to fill a binder and there was no logical alternative, so it was goodbye to the heaps of magazines.

Now the internet reminds me of all those gorgeous pictures.  Thank goodness for the patient scanners and the meticulous documentarians and the copious bloggers!  I can't revisit every page, but it's nice to be reminded of some old favorites.

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