Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vintage Cardigan : Short Form

Everything about this cardigan gave me the tingles when I saw it at the thrift store yesterday.  Soft soft cashmere, lovely teal colour, tiny hooks down the front and at the side slits, white satin piping, detailed embroidery, made in Hong Kong, the cropped silhouette.  Oh, and the $2 price tag.  It's my most special find in a long time, and it's in perfect condition, which makes me want to make up a story about its history.  It's what, late 50's - early 60's?  How did you make it to Vancouver unsullied, to a little charity thrift store on the east side, sweet little sweater?  I'm happy that it will be appreciated now, for many years to come.  I mean, could there be a more perfect spring sweater?

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