Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Seersucker

At work last week we made a couple of seeksucker pieces for a customer, and it got me thinking about what a fantastic fabric it can be - the ultimate spring and summer cotton.  A few quick facts via Wikipedia: the name comes from the Persian "shir o shakkir", meaning "milk and sugar" which refers to the alternating smooth and nubby texture of the stripes.  It was used in the hot climates of the British colonies, and then by poor workers in the American South, until college students started wearing it in the 1920's in the tradition of appropriating a look from the working classes - those rebels!  Now the preppy associations continue every summer.  Did you know that the US Senate hold a Seersucker Thursday every June?  See it to believe it!

So I might be expanding my seersucker wardrobe this summer.  I have one blouse, but a skirt, a pair of shorts?  Pedalpushers?  We'll see...

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