Sunday, November 8, 2009

More fashion math:

What do you get when you take a pinch of this:
A handful of this:
And a healthy dose of this:?
Answer: This!
OK, I was referring to the skirt, not to me being a goofball. Karl was at work and I was entertaining myself with a little dressup playtime. This is why I don't need Halloween. Anyway, I'm terribly happy with how the skirt turned out. It's just as I imagined. And like all good sewing projects, took about an hour.


  1. love the skirt! if i were to make this, it would take 100 hours...

  2. If I were to make this, it would take 8 hours of hating the world, and it would never be finished. Haha. This is so awesome, I love it! Farbod was just asking me why you mostly only shop at thrift stores and I said, well, because she's thrifty (obv), and because the items she likes, she could make herself in an hour and she knows what things are actually worth. THen, Bang! You make yourself a rad skirt to totally prove my point! Thanks! :)