Monday, November 2, 2009

New skin for the old ceremony

I've been hearing so much lately about sulfate- and paraben-free bath and beauty products lately, thanks mostly to my more product aware friends. I'm almost out of shampoo, and I noticed my grocery store has a nice little "natural" beauty product section, but I wanted to do a little research first. Of course the internet is swamped with information on the subject. I decided to focus on haircare, because that's going to be my most immediate purchase, though having read about it I can see that I should be switching over to healthier alternatives every time I have to replace anything. Hard to throw away a whole bottle of moisturizer though!

This website gives a good explanation of the damage that sulphates do from a professional's point of view, as well as a list of recommendations. I'm hoping to find something that I can buy locally, that isn't too expensive, and heck, maybe it could even be made in Canada. Which is why I might check out this brand, Eaurganic, but it's only available at a couple stores in Vancouver. Luckily, one is close to my gym, so I'll go have a look this week. I also found an online store called Vitacost, not that I really want to order online, but it has great product reviews on hundreds of items from natural and organic lines.

So first shampoo and conditioner, then on to face wash and moisturizer. For years I've gone for the cheap stuff, but from what I'm reading people really see an improvement when they switch to these products, so it's worth a try. I took Mary's advice and started using the Jason Seafresh toothpaste and it rocks! There were also really good reviews of some Jason shampoos, might give those a sniff.

Do you ladies have any great products to recommend? Do you think it's worth five extra bucks?


  1. Check my blog Alison for a link to a great shop in North van that has all that natural beauty stuff. Also, I am a biiiiggg fan of Saje Aromatherapy and beauty products. Their creams are wonderful!! Bliss.

  2. It's sooo hard to make the switch! But once you decide to, you can't go back. I'm switching each product as I run out of it, so I haven't made it to Shampoo yet (me? have a lot of shampoo? wha?), but I bought some Burts Bees shampoo & conditioner for a friend recently. Both are paraben & SLS free, which is great because I find that some are only one or the other. It smells so divine, and is about $12 a bottle. Not cheap, but not as bad as salon shampoo!
    I also recently bought this vanilla chai hand&body lotion by Desert Essence Organics. It's not only paraben, SLS free, but it's cruelty free & biodegradable. 8Fl oz for about $7 if I remember correctly. It's not as thick as some of my body lotions, but still great.

  3. Alba makes some decent shampoos & conditioners, and they are relatively low-priced and available almost everywhere now. Because I have (partially) fake-blonde hair, I have to use chemical-laden purple shampoo, or else it gets brassy. But then I use Alba conditioner.