Sunday, March 21, 2010


I did find the denim shirt I needed, and I really must have needed it because I have to show a lot of restraint so I don't end up wearing it every day. It just seems to work with almost everything, even jeans. Hate to say it, but the Texan/Canadian tuxedo may be making an appearance.

Also, what is this? More sensitive viewers may want to avert their eyes. I wouldn't call it a "mini" backpack, but true, it's small, but it's not like it's neon orange with an Elmo head on it, or covered in black rubber rave spikes. If it didn't have that oversized silver buckle it would still be at Value Village waiting for a certain person I can just picture to be attracted by the Pierre Cardin name (Oohh!). But I love it. I'm not a purse person; I don't covet or collect them, I don't crave designer "it" bags. I have just the minimum - a big one for the gym, a medium one for regular use, and a small one for going out or whatever. And my medium one was getting mangy and sad, and when I saw this one it was like a light shining down from the heavens onto it - trumpets and all that - and I saw the leather almost-mini-backpack in a whole new light. And I love having my arms free. Wheee!

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