Friday, March 5, 2010

Balmain Fall 2010 RTW

So when I look at new collections I go to, pick a designer, then go to "complete collection" to see thumbnails off all the outfits. And this season I keep getting a page full of little black silhouettes. I don't mind a dose of black for fall, but it was looking pretty monotonous, and I just don't see the creativity in an all-black collection. I know there's still design involved, but it's missing a big part of the picture for me. Also, it seems like many designers favored the same silhouettes: bulky layers on top, skinny legs. It's just not my favorite look. Although some girls can rock it, it just doesn't excite me.

Anyway, that's a long preamble to get to the point. I like this Balmain collection because there is some colour, texture and shine. It's fun and sexy and there's nothing too "intellectual" or minimalist about it. By the way, why does intellectual have to mean minimalist? Just a thought.

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