Friday, March 26, 2010

A Real American (animal welfare) Hero

This is Temple Grandin, and she's one of my heroes. In the last six months, I read two books that referenced and quoted her heavily, read one of her books (Animals Make Us Human), and I just watched the HBO movie about her life. So obviously, she's big time. She's pretty much the world's foremost authority on the welfare of livestock, she's an expert on animal psychology, a Doctor of Animal Science, and she's autistic.

She's so amazing and inspiring. She didn't speak until she was four, but her autism allows her to understand and identify with animals in a way I've never really imagined. She's overcome major obstacles and has made such immense contributions to the treatment of animals and to the understanding of autism. I highly recommend reading one of her books, or seeing the HBO movie that came out recently. We don't get HBO, but we were able to download it. It's called Temple Grandin and stars Clare Danes, who does a really good job portraying her challenges and successes.


  1. wow. thanks for passing this info along. this is one of those subjects that not only really touches me, but one i'd love to share with other people..

  2. Hey, I know Temple Grandin. Errol Morris did a show called first person where he interviews interesting people, and she was by far the most interesting of the season! I'll have to see that movie now...