Friday, November 12, 2010


I feel like I totally squandered my day off yesterday. What I really should have done was go to the ceremony at Victory Square for Remembrance Day like a good citizen, but I've never done that. I guess the last time I really properly observed Remembrance Day was in school. My intentions start out good, but then it's kind of cold and rainy (being November and all, what a surprise) and the prospect of taking the bus downtown and standing in a big crowd of umbrellas, getting dripped on and not being able to actually see or hear... Sorry.

Instead I barely left the couch. I went for a walk before the rain really started, to get some groceries. Bacon, tea, and chocolate: that kind of day. The shopping area on Hastings is the perfect distance away; it always takes about an hour round trip including a quick shopping, and I like to take as many different streets as possible; there's something to look at in every yard, garden, alleyway and window.

After that I camped out on the couch and watched half of the first season of Sons of Anarchy. So good! It kills me to watch TV with commercials now. Sure it feels indulgent and lazy to watch six episodes back-to-back, but nothing that was on real TV was as appealing as biker gangs and no commercials. I just wasn't in the mood for my current craft project and I had just finished my book and of course I could have been cleaning, but I think I need some serious products to help me tackle the bathtub. Anyone tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? Obviously I still do see commercials as I have been brainwashed to think that what I really need is an overpriced sponge, then all my troubles will disappear. And I'll have more time for TV!

Also, later in the evening, Lost in Translation was on TV, with no commercials, and it made me nostalgic for the Scarlett Johansen of old. I'd forgotten how likable she was, before she focused solely on being lustable. It's a good movie, I think I'd forgotten that too.

Well, I'm hoping that this shortened week will bring me a burst of energy, resulting in more interesting posts. If anyone still reads this blog, maybe you're hoping that too!


  1. Alison! Wes and I have some downstairs (magic erasers). Come steal one if you want :)

  2. I am big on squandering my days off. I can't help it. Sometimes when you just work work work, a day off filled with errands and things to do is just too much,