Saturday, November 20, 2010


Here's an idea: for the next five weeks before Christmas, Saturdays are going to be my days to dress up for work. I have plenty of dressy clothes that don't get much play, and I feel like it's my way of being a little bit festive. Though the cold weather does make it a little harder, especially shoe-wise. I just have to be more diligent about packing a cute pair of shoes to change into.

This skirt was a thrift find in the summer. It's a couple of layers of hmm, not quite tulle, kind of mesh, and it's full and swishy. I tried a twirl picture, but without the flash it's so blurry.

I made this blouse yesterday, making good on my plan to do a blouse like I was envisioning with the zipper in the shoulder. Cramming it under my sweater on the way home resulted in an unsightly wrinkle on the boob, but you get the idea... I love this fabric. It's a crepe de chine with a sweet little vintage-y print that kind of looks like poppy flower seed pods. Do you like my halo?

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