Monday, November 29, 2010


Lately rings have been my favorite accessory. I haven't bought any new ones, I've just been switching my old ones up more often and wearing them in different combinations. It's amazing how much the size of my fingers change throughout the day: a ring that fits my ring finger in the morning fits my middle finger by dinnertime. I guess my hands are puffy in the morning.

l-r: turquoise, belonged to my Grandmommy, turquoise from flea market, silver from market in Hawaii in high school

l-r: wedding band from pawn shop, cameo from flea market, jade was my Gram's

I think my ring-spiration is coming from watching Sons of Anarchy constantly. I'm on the second season - it's a great show about a biker gang, er, motorcycle club, in California. They all wear awesome huge gold rings. Some of them probably have symbols that mean bad things I wouldn't want to say, but they look so cool. I'm sure I could never find any in small enough sizes for my baby fingers, but I'll keep an eye out.


  1. Love! That thick-necked cameo lady is off the chain.

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