Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Shine

The top with the big paillettes came out for the first time this season! The big black and white coat has been out for a week or two - it's my snow coat. The snow's all gone for now, but that little shock of winter we had was a good reminder to dig out all the cold-weather gear and the snow shovel and salt.

The Christmas music station is on the air now and one of my co-workers plays it at least four hours a day. Strangely, it does not increase my jollyness. I do feel like I should start my Christmas shopping this weekend, but I just keep thinking of things to buy myself. It's a bad time to need to restock beauty supplies, because I'm so torn between playing it cheap and splurging on good quality. Mascara: cheap. But eye cream? Am I at the age that I should be buying the expensive stuff? Is the expensive stuff really much better? Also, I walked by, OK, and then walked into, Aldo the other day and there were some really cute heels on sale. I fondled, I pondered, I walked away, then walked back. I gave myself a serious talking-to, silently of course, about how I have lots of cute shoes and certainly should not be buying more, which is very true. Then I walked out and didn't let myself go back the next day, or the next. But I can't make any promises...

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