Sunday, November 14, 2010


There are certain drawbacks to having Sunday and Monday as my days off, but there are also some advantages. One is that Value Village happens to have it's 50% off days on Mondays. Not every Monday, just a few times a year, so it's a bit of an event. Requires a bit of planning, I've found. Not that I'm immune to impulse buys, but I really don't need more clothes to stuff into my closet, so it helps to have a few items in mind that I'm seeking. Tomorrow, my list consists of sweaters, a slip, and hiking boots. I browsed Etsy for some inspiration.

I need a sweater or two, non-cardigan, small enough to be worn as a top. Cable knits are always nice. Mustard is cool. Not itchy. A dollar or two.

I'd like to try a full slip for under my black lace skirt. I have a black half-slip and I don't like how it looks. Black is boring and it kind of moves around, and it's not long enough. So I'm looking for a colour, opaque enough to be modest, tight so that it doesn't bunch up. I think it's going to be tricky and I'm contemplating wearing the skirt over leggings to I can try it all out before I buy. Leggings and a cami are required wearing for this sale - I do not play the line-up game. It's all about efficiency.

The hiking boots are for Quadra. I need an old pair to leave there for various outings because they're just too bulky to pack back and forth on the off chance I'll need them. Must be waterproof. My current Quadra boots were never very comfortable and it sounds like my mom is adopting them for gardening. My fear is that people don't give VV their hiking boots until they are past death and worn out and besides, they'd be totally molded to someone else's foot. And possibly moldy. (Should one of those have a "u"?) Comfort is important because going for hikes is the whole point. Maybe it's unrealistic, but I need goals, right?

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  1. ooo! I'm glad you like mustard! wink, wink! Those sweaters are cute too, whenever I see a sweater I like, I want to knit it! oh, and I found my hiking boots at the nifty thrifty in cr, almost brand new and waterproof, so there's hope!! good luck.