Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another rainy day.

Last week my mom reminded me of this book. I had it when I was little, and it was pretty depressing and kind of crappy, but I guess I picked it to be read disproportionally often. We laughed about how despite your best efforts to give your kids enriching quality storybooks, you can't control which ones become favorites. Anyway, it's starting to feel like the winter that wouldn't end, and I'm running out of strawberry jam.

Things are looking kind of bleak in the city this week. I'm making a dress for a customer at work for a big family party in Lima this spring. She's Peruvian and her friends here call her Gloria, after the character on Modern Family because she's loud and showy. The dress is fuchsia, red, orange and black and it looks amazing, but she says that if her Canadian friends saw her they would think she was crazy because all they ever wear is black. I thought about that on my way home today, and she's right: so much black. And gray. Blah.

Spring fashion is always about colour, and this year bright colour seems to be the focus. Shall I attempt red again? Never say never. For my outfit today I was kind of inspired by the colours in these shoes I posted the other day. The tights and piping on the blouse are navy. And the blouse is white! Speaking of colours I never wear... and it made it through the day without much visible damage.

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