Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Time to start planning for the two weddings I'll be attending this summer. I have a couple of pretty pieces of silk stashed away - one is navy with a white print and one is emerald green with a white print. I haven't decided on the style, but I've got a few months to figure that out. The "problem" may be that I might possibly need a new pair of heels to wear. Sad but true. I feel like I don't have anything properly festive for a fancy summer wedding, so I did a little scheming and found a few options online. A girl can dream...

I'm sure I won't find the exact same colour as whichever colour I choose for my dress, so I should take the advise that I give customers and go for something totally different instead of being just a shade off the dress. So I'm picturing the green shoes above being worn with the navy fabric. And I think I might be the last girl on earth without the basic nude shoe, but all of the ones I see just seem so basic, which is why I like the top two shoes. Anyway, I'd never really buy shoes online, because I've got to be able to dance the night away, but it's fun to imagine.

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