Monday, March 14, 2011


It's a true tale of love, loss, and re-discovery today. A few times since we moved into this house almost three years ago, articles of clothing have gone missing, specifically belonging to me. Just random scrubby stuff like gym tank tops and old sweatshirts, nothing of value but very sadly missed nonetheless. I searched and pondered, accused friends, raided Karl's drawers and checked behind the washer and dryer. I stopped missing the things, but I never stopped being annoyed by the mystery; it just didn't make sense.

Last week two of my gym tops disappeared, right after I did the laundry, and I needed to find them. I have a limited number, they get sweaty, and I only do laundry once a week, so I was determined to find them. For some reason I hadn't clued in to the fact that all of the missing pieces lived in my bottom drawer, and once I realized that it occurred to me to pull out the drawer and check underneath it. Glory be, there they all were, a little dusty but safe and sound. You should have heard me squeal with glee. Ask Karl, I was seriously SO excited! Not only to have my clothes back, but to solve the mystery and not feel like I was going crazy.

But here's a way better story: A friend of mine was having issues with her dryer. They just moved into their house last summer, and an old washer and dryer came with it, and they assumed there wasn't much life left in the pair. Sure enough, the dryer wasn't drying well, so before getting a new one, her husband decided to take the front panel off, just to see if there was anything obvious he could fix. So off it comes, and sure enough there are a bunch of linty old socks jammed in there, as well as three hundred and twenty dollars in twenty dollar bills!! What a score! Talk about getting some cash just when you need it. They bought a very nice new dryer.

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