Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden of Inspiration

I think this must be the latest I've ever waited into Spring to start planting my vegetable garden. The last couple of weeks have left me feeling a little bit antsy, but it's been so cold and so wet - we've barely had a week without frost! I wouldn't want to be a seed in there until there was some hope of sunshine. I feel the hope now.
Yesterday we tilled and raked, today I planted spinach, peas and lettuce. Next weekend I'll put in the next round, and hopefully it won't be too long before we see those little seedlings poking up. I love a good day in the dirt!
Unfortunately, there's nothing much to show yet, but I was toodling around the web for some inspiration, and wow, some people have amazing gardens. Personally, I think my parents spread could put most of them to shame! It's huge and healthy and bountiful. At this time of year I'm always of two minds about the size of my garden. I want more space, more varieties, more dirt! But we have a small lot, and I like having a small area of grass. And more garden means more weeding, and really, we can't eat all the veggies we grow as it is now. I'm starting to learn to can some of it, and I send every visitor home with all they'll accept, and it's a horrible feeling to let anything go to waste. I guess I'll just look at pictures of giant gardens and spend a few summer days watching my parents toil in theirs!

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