Monday, May 16, 2011

green and white

By mid-May I should have posted way more flower and garden pictures, but it's been a slow Spring. The lilacs are finally out though, and I picked a couple of bouquets because I can't get enough of that wonderful fragrance. The white lilacs aren't as smelly as the purple ones, so I'm going to get Karl to borrow some from down the alley on his way out to work tonight.

Work is getting really busy, as it always does this time of year. Somehow, even after ten years, it's still hard for me to keep in mind that I'll manage and get through it all. My mantra walking to the bus-stop is "let's just give this a try". I did decide that it would be helpful if I could sneak in a secret extra day, maybe in between Thursday and Friday for example. I could get work done, but no one would be able to take advantage of my day. For some reason that sounds good to me, but things have to be really dire before I come in on my days off. I love my weekends!

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