Tuesday, May 24, 2011

natural fibers

These are the pants that I was hoping to wear on a perfect spring day, but I settled for today. I've never worn linen pants before, but I know the wrinkles come with the territory. The cheerful colour (just a little brighter than in these pictures) more than made up for the wrinkles. They're kind of a funny cut - ankle length, boot cut - but I like the way they look with heels.

I haven't gone real shopping (as opposed to thrifting) in ages, but it was nice enough after work to go for a stroll downtown, so I moseyed around Zara, and while there was lots of tempting stuff, it all kind of looks like I could find it at Value Village. All those bright solids and boxy silhouettes. I felt like I fit right in wearing what I was, but I think the combined prices of the two pieces might have been six dollars.

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