Wednesday, November 30, 2011

girls on film

OK, Marni collaborating with H&M...  I hope it's good.  I've never been interested in any of the other designer collabs they've done, but Marni's prints and colour combinations might translate to low end without too much trouble.  Could be worth a swing by the sale racks after the crowds have dissipated, seeing as my Buy (almost) Nothing Month is drawing to a close.  You know, I did just fine keeping the shopping to the bare minimum.  I still don't need anything, and I still don't have any money, so with the exception of Christmas shopping, I'll try to keep myself on a short leash.

Also, this is happening.  The Great Gatsby starring Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire and Leonardo Dicaprio.m Another cautious Hmmmm....  Will it be good?  I think Carey will make a good Daisy, for one thing.  And I can't wait to see the costumes.  I wrote a paper in university about the costumes in the 1974 version and they were so spectacular and accurate, I'd be really disappointed if this time they hired, say Ralph Lauren, to do all the costumes, which would just turn into a vanity project.  No, I just  checked IMDB, and the costume designer is Catherine Martin, who did a bunch of other movies with Baz Luhrmann.  Whew.  I guess there's still another year to wait until this one hits the theatres.

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