Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Take A Letter

Ahh, the long dark nights of fall are here; what better reason to start getting into some new TV shows?  I'm almost finished watching the second season of Justified, a great show on the FX network.  The ex-wife, Winona, is a court stenographer, and she's got the best wardrobe.  I couldn't find many good pictures, but she wears all these cute little pencil skirts and girly blouses.  That's who I'm channelling lately when I want to dress "officey". 

Then I saw these pictures of Rose Smith from Marie Claire Australia, and it's that same kind of feminine 50's vibe, albeit with a leather lace short-short twist.  Not sure a knee-length skirt is the most flattering on me, but what am I talking about?  That didn't stop my from wearing super-pleated diaper-esque pants today.  Sorry world!

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