Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best Buy of the Weekend

I remember having this iconic April 1992 issue of Vogue when I was twelve, so I had to but it at the thrift store. It's a great issue, with a photography retrospective of Vogue's first 100 years, and all the superest models on the cover.

These are just a couple of the most recognizable ad campaigns. It's funny, some ads look so outdated, more like what we'd think of as mid-eighties. Then some, mostly for cosmetics, could be totally current. Shiseido and Clinique have not changed one bit. That's consistency.

Some of the trends look really great for today. The black lingerie and sheer bodysuits, for example.

And hello, check out these rad leather leggings by Jean Paul Gaultier and studded shoes! Worn by Cindy Crawford in a mock-paparazzi editorial no less.

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  1. How funny!! They all look current to me except the Versace ad!! Then again, what do I know? I want to see the makeup ads!! This is a fun post! XO