Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is me in grade nine...

Remember in grade nine when we used to tuck in just the front of our baggy t-shirts for some reason? We were usually wearing baggy pants too, and leather sandals or something. I thank my lucky stars on a regular basis that my early teens coincided with grunge allowing me to dress like a scruffy hippie, not worrying about having expensive labels or age-inappropriately "sexy" clothes. My parents consider themselves lucky too.

I got these shoes last week and I really love them. They were on the clearance rack, I love the different shades of leather, they look good with pants, or, when my legs no longer look like hell, skirts, and they are reasonably not too painful. One big downside though. The brand is Fergie, which I fear means some association with the skanky Pea. Eww. I'm sure she had no involvement with designing them, I'm just afraid she might benefit monetarily from my purchase, and god knows she doesn't need any more money to spend on trashy hair and "clothing".

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