Monday, August 17, 2009

A Touristy Day

Karl's mom is visiting from Ontario for the week, so we got to play tourist today. We walked around downtown a little, where she twisted my rubber arm and pulled us into Holt Renfrew. I saw a few dozen pairs of shoes that will do nicely for fall.

Then we took the gondola up Grouse Mountain and had lunch at the peak. It was beautiful and sunny, and I stupidly got sunburned. Add that to my smashed knee and I'm quite a mess right now. After a little nap we went for dinner in Deep Cove and watched the sunset. It's Karl's birthday today so he had the full on steak dinner and was too full for dessert, which is unheard of! The lucky boy gets the whole week off work to spend with his mom. I'm jealous. I kind of got into vacation mode for a few hours today and could really use another week of it!

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