Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pale Fire

This hops plant (as in beer) is like the Little Shop Of Horrors plant. It's growing like crazy and I think it wants to eat us. Eek, bare legs today. I was wearing the sweetest sheer pale stockings with little dots on them until about ten o'clock when I put a run in them. No surprise. I was telling one of our interns at work about my wonderful weekend of relaxing in the great outdoors, and she was like "Wow, you didn't get any colour at all!" Yeah. Thanks for noticing.

I've had this Zara top for probably eight years and I love it so much. It's so soft and I love the colour and the Art Noveau-y print (detail of boob below). I hope we never part. I'm loving these kind of muted colours right now; mustardy yellow, grey-blue, eggplant, rust. For my final line in school a million light years ago my colour palate was inspired by the Dutch Masters and it was all those colours. Dang, that reminds me, I really want to see that show at the Vancouver Art Gallery before it goes. So little time/energy.

Totally random: Can you believe I hadn't seen all of the movie Roxanne until last night? And I love Steve Martin, and I knew I would love the movie, it just never happened. Torrentz, you have changed my life.

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  1. How funny; I'm totally into those colours in makeup right now! Especially Eggplant.