Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Most years I wait until about February to start thinking that it would be wise to have a pair of boots, after the hundredth walk to and from the bus with wet feet. This year I am really going to get a sensible pair of commuter boots. Really waterproof, yet really cheap, which I figure means rubber boots. Zellers. Superstore. That kind of thing. And for being so sensible, I think I might reward myself with a cute pair of suede booties from H&M. Good plan, right?

The only other fall shopping must I'm thinking about is a pair of narrow black wool pants. Kind of a step up from leggings, so that my butt doesn't necessarily need to be covered. But nothing that would be bulky if I did want to wear a long top or dress over them. I saw some nice ones at Zara that I'll have to go try on.

Other than that I think I can satisfy my need for flash and shoulder pads with thrift store finds. I'll be keeping an eye out for leather gloves, more tights, and glitzy sweaters. Happy back to (whatever) shopping!


  1. Ooooo loveeee the yellow wellies! Brilliant!

    Amy xo

  2. I spent HOURS online the other night looking for boots. I couldn't find anything I like that I'd be willing to pay for, except on, which doesn't ship to Canada.