Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Sunshine

Isn't it wonderful when the sun shines in December - especially after the November we had. Every extra moment of vitamin D is precious. I wore a dress on a Sunday which is pretty unheard of. I started off with a black sequined mini-dress, but Karl raised his eyebrows, and he's pretty tolerant. I like the outfit I settled on, but I felt like I could have blended right in with the old ladies filing home after church at the Croatian church up the street.

Speaking of sequins, my trainer at the gym was telling me about this sequined dress she got and asking what kinds of accessories to wear with it. I told her that I think sequins are a neutral, which might sound kind of funny, but my idea is that they are so far from being basic that they come full circle to being neutral again, so you can wear anything with them. Right?

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