Monday, December 28, 2009

An Uncommon Dilemma

I've been having a shopping dilemma lately. A few times this months I've been downtown with a little money to spend on a Christmas present for myself, but I've come home empty handed. There are certainly clothes that I like, I just haven't been inspired to buy any of them. It seems like everything that I am attracted to looks too much like something I think I could find in a thrift store, or I should make for myself.

Of course, I'm not shopping at high end stores. We're talking spending fifty to a hundred dollars at Zara, H&M, something like that. If I had the money to browse Holt Renfrew I might be wooed by something amazingly designed and beautifully made. But nothing mall-level has drawn me in and it's kind of a letdown when I allow myself to potentially buy some cute little thing that I don't really need. I immediately think - oh, I'll just look for something like that at Value Village - or - hmm, I should really just make it. Does it seem to anyone else that what's "in" right now looked thrifted or home-made?

I shouldn't complain about not spending money frivolously. Save it for RRSPs. For renovations. For frigging property tax next month. For charity. For traveling. For a puppy. For more sessions with the trainer. For healthier food. For... OK, strangely that eliminated the disappointment of not dropping any money at the mall!

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