Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Un-Mother's Day

If every day that is not our birthday is our un-birthday, it stands to reason that every day that is not mother's day is, in fact, un-mother's day. So in celebration, you should probably check out My Mom, The Style Icon. It's a sweet website where readers send in pictures of their moms looking super foxy. It made me think of all the pictures I've seen of my mom and been like, What ever happened to that dress you're wearing????

These were just a couple of the ones I liked from the website.

Have you ever tried to recreate your mom's enviable style? Or laughed at big misses of the eighties? Like, why did my mom ever have a perm?


  1. Yes! I used to be so horrified at the pictures of my mom in batique dresses and giant glasses, but now I find it so endearing. My dad had a pair of orange and brown plaid bellbottoms that he wore to his sister's wedding in the late 70's. Now THAT was amazing. I think he also had a perm. And big aviator sunglasses. Oh man, there's just too much awesomeness...

  2. My mom was always in mini dresses. Her wedding dress was even polyester and mini! I have this one picture of her, when her and my dad first moved to Quadra, they were living in a 8x8 shack with no running water or bathroom, and she is wearing a leopard print mini dress,black fishnets and kitten heels! Oh and of course her hair was always a perfect bump on top with bangs- and red.

  3. Actually, I've been thinking about looting through my mom's attic when I'm home for christmas... She had these two leather skirts that she made and wore and I always loved... I hope they're there somewhere!