Monday, December 14, 2009


We had our first pretty little snowfall yesterday so I was sufficiently motivated to do some Christmas-y stuff. We got a tree, a real one for the smell, and decorated it, listening to Christmas music. If you need some new Christmas tunes, check out Ultimate Motown Christmas. It's pretty cool. Today I did most of my gift shopping; just a couple more things to check off the list. I always start out thinking I'm only going to buy the barest minimum of gift, but then I get overcome with generosity and the desire to see lots of packages piled up under the tree, all wrapped in the beautiful Scandinavian-looking paper we got at Ikea. Maybe I'll just find some empty boxes to wrap.

The Christmas tree has annoyed the cat as we had to move her pedestal. Everything annoys her though. As you can see from the picture, our decorating theme is Traditional Hodgepodge. I do admire the colour coordinated stylish trees so people do, but we kind of just toss up all the home made ornaments with the ones we've received as gifts with the dollar store ones. I think this low standard will make for an easier adjustment when we have kids and they start bringing home bells made of tinfoil covered egg cartons and candy cane reindeer.

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