Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Art on the Street

Thanks to a wonderful series of totally unpredictable coincidences, I found myself in front of my favorite street art with my camera in my purse.

I love this thing (mural? piece? collage?). I see it everyday as I go by on the bus, and was worried that it would disappear before I had the chance to document it. Part of it got ripped off a while ago, hence the "art thieves suck" addition.

It kind of changes and grows and morphs, so it's fun to see it evolve as I pass by everyday.


  1. Is it canvas? Paper? Where is this? It's great, I love lots of colour and defined edges! ;)

  2. It's on Hastings between Cambie and Abbott, and it's on plywood that was covering a broken window, but some areas have paper and cardboard glued on.