Saturday, June 6, 2009

Women I Love, Part 7

Shelley Duval is just the cutest. She has such an expressive face it's like she hardly needs to act. I find myself watching The Shining on TV on a pretty regular basis (it's the only horror movie I really like), and I love her in it. For one thing, her wardrobe is killer. All these corduroy blazers and jumpers and culottes. And as she gets more and more scared her eyes just get bigger and bigger. It's almost funny, but it's not, because she just looks so innocent and worried.

And I will be so pissed if anyone ever does a remake of Popeye, because there is no other Olive Oyl. If you look at the comics, there could be no one else but Shelley Duval. It would be blasphemy.

I think the looks so beautiful because she really couldn't look any further from the way I look. Sometimes I'm most attracted to the opposite - dark hair and skin, tall and skinny, huge dark eyes, long neck. In my dreams...

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  1. Oh, man, Shelley! I never really appreciated her until I watched "3 Women" recently. She (along with Sissy Spacek) is absolutely amazing and hilarious in that movie. See it if you haven't! Her character also delightfully ODs on sunny 70s yellows, in both fashion and interior design. (Ew, did I just write that lame-o sentence?)