Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ha Ha, Ugly

Wow, rarely do I see a collection that is just so wrong. I mean, I often don't like collections, or don't get it, or know it's just not for me, but I feel like the Tory Burch Resort 2010 collection is just bad. Not like evil, but badly done. If your size zero model appears not to have a waist in any of the styles, who might this look good on?

It's like she decided the do the classic Chanel suit as re imagined by Satan. Huge patch pockets on the belly? Sweet.

This picture makes me think of poor Jessica Simpson being accused of getting fat in the tabloids.

Wrong. Lazy. Depressing.

This one just makes me laugh. It's like she brought her home-made Renaissance fair tunic to throw on after a garden party.

I think this is what happens when Tory Burch (Upper East Side preppy socialite) tries to be artsy.

Do I sound mean today? I'm not trying to be; I'm actually in a really positive mood. This collection just kind of boggled my mind.


  1. Put it in the burn book. I just watched Mean girls last night. Yes, though I do agree, ugly shit.

  2. Oh my god those are atrocious! They don't make sense. It's a bunch of nothing. Just nothing. I would never give them another look. Really horrible.