Friday, June 26, 2009

Funny shoes and blue flowers

They're plastic gardening clogs, OK? They do not leave the perimeter of the property.
Even if they totally match the dress.

I was picking hydrangeas and eating peas. Damn, look at all those weeds around the peas.

I just love the variations of the shades of blue.

The white roses are from the huge shrubs in the front that are so laden they look like snow drifts. I don't know what kind of roses they are, but the almost form a hedge.


  1. WOw, so beautiful! I love the mix of the flowers all together! And of course you look stunning in the garden in your plastic gardening clogs!! Love you!

  2. peas already? damn, girl, you must be using some crazy "shit" (slang or synonym for "fertilizer").