Monday, June 1, 2009

You like to shop?

Me too.  If I was rich and shopped online I'd do lots of it here, at Not Just A Label.  It's an online shop based in London and they feature one-off and limited edition pieces by recent fashion grads and emerging designers.  I love that each garment is accompanied by a description by the designer that explains the inspiration or idea behind their work.  I think that human connection is missing in so much of what we consume.

I also think it's great for these designers to have a showcase that really respects their talent and values the work that they do.  So often designers have to practically give their clothes away until they have established a name for themselves, and NJAL seems to represent the designers really well.  I'd recommend just checking it out for some avant garde inspiration.


  1. Hayy thanks for stopped by my blog. As far as I know there are so Targets in BC =( But yeah there is one in bellingham (Bellis Fair!)
    I like your metallic jacket btw =D

  2. These are some lovely pieces, I am sure I would shop a lot differently if I had the funds too.