Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sweet Sunday

I love my Sundays. Here I am among the peas, it's nine at night, new red shoes from the Village of Value, life is good. How did you guys spend this lovely day?


  1. Hungover, eating cupcakes and reading cookbooks in my sunny backyard, later watching the Witches of Eastwick, which my bf bought at Superstore for $2.

    In the film, the three "witches" each birth sons by the devil (Jack Nicholson), which is a weird synchronicity, considering I had a dream last week that three of my female friends all gave birth to sons at the same time (not devil spawn, though).

  2. I went to the gym, gave myself a mini facial, manicure, and pedicure, then lazed in the park with fbod, watched 2 hours of "so you think you can dance", and hung out with your fine ass.

    The witches of Eastwick is one of my favourite movies ever! It's so freakin' funny! The part where he's vomiting up the cherry pits cracks me up every time!