Friday, June 5, 2009


Karl and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate three years of wedded bliss. Three years goes by pretty fast, but I'm thankful everyday to have found the love of my life!

I know it's blurry; it like it.

OK, that's enough mush. The heat let up a bit today so I wore the starry leggings I got at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I made the top a couple of years ago, but it's 100% silk and the love of my life threw it in the washing machine and it's taken me a while to make peace with the washed silk look. Maybe I should make another one.

I have been loving our heat wave though. It so rare here, I'm more than happy with the sweaty days and warm nights!!


  1. Yay three years!!!!! Congrats!

  2. three years already? keep it up you lovebirds!! xox

  3. Wow I love it! Three years? I seriously told my cousin yesterday that it was your 2 year anniversary while I was sitting at the spit in the sun. I dont remember why. But I remembered,right? Wooo!

  4. this is a really cute outfit! i don't what it is about it, but i thknk that it is just devine!