Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fully Saturated Colour (insert "bright" pun here)

Yes, I jacked the Rachel Roy navy and acid green combo, though I like it better with a pair of navy shorts I have. Self-tanning religiously. Still pale.

Goofy new shoes, toe-cleav peep-hole!

Still life with sprinkler.

Karl took pictures of me goofing around.

This is why I love having a yard!

New little bright pink studs, and my standard starfish earring.

My neighbor gave me this gorgeous specimen of a peony. It's quite incredible. I was trying to take a picture of it with a background that didn't include a glass of beer or the TV, so Karl brilliantly suggested a bi-fold album, and chose me this one. Big bonus points to anyone who can name it. So easy...


  1. MJ Thriller! What do my bonus points count towards?

  2. Your bonus points count towards your birthday present!