Thursday, June 4, 2009

Resort 2010 - Rachel Roy

I like getting my mind changed.  I always thought that Rachel Ray was one of those "wife of..." designers beacuse she's married to Damon Dash and he must finance her delusions of style etc. etc...  But I really like her collection for Resort 2010.  I love the colours, the silhouettes are classy with a little edge.  Obviously I was too hasty in my earlier judgement - she's talented.  The acid green and coral accents are perfect!  Don't get the headpieces, but maybe Nicole Richie can explain them to me.

Note to self: look for acid green to pair with navy.

Full, high-waisted leather shorts?  Can I get on that list?

P.S. Love the green background!

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  1. Oooo, I love this stuff, it's right up my alley too! Last Mothers day we took my mom shopping, and we were handing her all these things to try on and she ended up putting on these navy capris and a green (not quite acid but similar) t-shirt and I was like, DAMN, that's a good colour combo. We're here on the island and I hate to make you jelous, but it's BEAUTIFUL!!! XOXO