Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sassy was the best magazine ever.  I wish I still had all my old copies of it - I would read every article again.  It was so funny and honest, and not preachy and boring like Seventeen.  It made me realize that there were women in their 20's and 30's that I wanted to be like when I grew up.


The issue above is the first one I ever bought.  I read most of the older ones at the school library later, but I remember an older girl on the school bus (Chris Carmen's sister, Karen, for those in the know...) was reading it, and I was sneakily peeking, and could not get enough.

It was a sad and terrible day when that evil "new" Sassy showed up in my mailbox.  It was all over and there was no going back...


  1. I KNOW!!! I specifically remember that Tori Spelling issue! The same thing happened with Jane magazine. I bought my first (and THE first) issue of Jane in Shoppers Drug Mart in CR with Krista. Drew Barrymore was on the cover. The first time I read Sassy was when my sister Liz and I were at that very same Shoppers like, 10 years earlier and she bought it, not me. I read it, of course and bought it every time I could afford it. I had a bunch of them in a trunk at my moms but I think she cleaned it all out and probably tossed them.


  2. Oh so sad still over Sassy and Jane!! Thanks goodness I have blogs now as I don't read any mags anymore!