Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Shenanigans

My weekend started off with an amazing meal with my friends at an Iranian restaurant on Davie called Darchin. It was so delicious; one of those meals that when you're done you just want to start all over again!

Then we played Scattergories and had some drinks and laughed like hyenas. Board games can be so fun if you are in that kind of mood. Now we are on the quest for Pictionary!

Night time pictures. I LOVE this dress. It may be my thrift find of the decade. It's Tadashi and the body is really thick stretchy fabric, and I know it shows my lumps but I don't care. The shoulders are so frickin' great, almost a little homage to MJ, as someone pointed out last night!

And today was pretty fun too. I did a little photoshoot with my amazing hairdresser Kelly. She's a super-talented artist and photographer too, and she wanted me to be her doll, which I was into because I got to model some of my seldom worn favorites. Stay tuned for pictures. Below is a crappy shot I took. Just a little hint...


  1. I miss all of you so much! These are great pictures, a glimpse of what its like down there, in the city. Im excited! Derek is looking at places tomorrow over in North Vancouver. Alison, you look really pretty with thick black eyelashes. You all look pretty! xo

  2. So fun! Look at me next to you in the first pic, I'm so boring! hahaha, but that's how I like it. I'll keep my clothes boring and my makeup heavy ;) I'm so excited to see the doll photoshoot pics, Kelly is so talented!

  3. Your not boring at all Mary!...put me next to you guys for a boring look. I guess we all just have different styles hey!