Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shoe Feature

When I look at other bloggers outfit posts, I often feel like I can't see the details of the shoes well enough.  Some are very shoe conscious (Karla, Rumi etc.) but I feel like shoes are pretty important and don't always get the coverage they deserve.  So I took a bunch of pictures of some of my shoes and maybe I'll feature them once and a while if I don't think they are showing up in my pictures.  I have little feet, maybe they just get lost...

These are from Old Navy, of all places, and they were on sale last year for something loopy like eight bucks.  Yes please.  I like a little extra height, and they don't hurt too badly so I can wear them at work if I have another pair to swap off with when I'm in the workshop.  Which is where this photo was taken.  Hence the fluorescent lighting and drafting table.

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