Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eco-Fashion Scavenger Hunt

A friend of mine works at this cool magazine, Granville, and they always have good sustainable fashion features.  So when she recently invited me to take part in a Fashion Challenge of course I agreed.  The fashion editor chooses a current runway look and it's up to the participants to recreate the look using clothes from thrift store, consignment stores, local designer or other "green" sources.

This is the look that was selected from Oscar de la Renta's recent runway show.

This is my approximation.  It was very hard to find a short-sleeved jacket, and I did not approve of the evening shoes, so I had to improvise.  But it's all thrifted, and probably cost under twenty dollars.  I borrowed the excellent leather satchel from my husband, who "found" it at a Lost and Found department at an old job.  And no, I am not wearing white tights; that's my skin.  Time to pull out the self tanner!

I'll post the link when it's up on their website and we can see how I did compared to everyone else.  For now, check out the previous challenge they did last fall!  It's so cool to see everyone's take on the same look, and the teachable moment is that you can get high-fashion looks from unlikely sources.  Duh.


  1. Do you have to write about this so much better than I did? Jeeeeez

  2. wow! you look great. good job. i feel shitty about not participating now.