Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Movies

Click on the link for a taste of heaven.

Karl and I recently watched two amazing movies.  Days of Heaven and Badlands were directed by Terrence Malick in the 1970's.  They are both so beautiful and inspiring - I totally recommend everyone watch them.  Days of Heaven is set in America before World War I, and tells the story of three young people seeking their fortune.  The plot isn't my favorite part, it's just such an amazing movie to watch and listen to.  I wished it went on for hours and hours.  It stars Richard Gere before he was such a cheeseball. 

Click on link for a cute scene.

Badlands takes place in the late 1950's and it's kind of a Bonnie and Clyde story.  Sissy Spaced and Martin Sheen are forbidden young lovers who go on the run and of course things get ugly.  But the ugly is so gorgeous.  And it made me love Sissy Spacek.  I want all of her clothes in this movie and she is just the cutest little thing.  There's a painting, or a print, on the wall of her house that they take with them, and it's the same one I have hanging in my living room.  Karl and I were both like "hey..." at the same time.

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  1. Terence Malik is my fave!! I wish he would make more movies. You should give The New World a try if you haven't!