Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pretty Underthings

I wish I was one of those girls, ladies actually, who always wear impeccable, matching lingerie.  I'm such a scrub in that department.  My rules are basically clean and comfortable.  They don't match, don't titillate, aren't be-ribboned and bowed, and don't cost any more that absolutely necessary.
In a perfect world I'd have scented drawers full of scented drawers.  Frilly sets, fancy contraptions, lacy racy bits that need to be carefully hand washed rather than chucked in the machine.  Silk rather than cotton.  A bra for every panty, not just a couple in very heavy rotation until they kick the bucket.
Then maybe I'd spend more time lounging about in them, in soft lighting, just waiting for a photogenic moment.

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