Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I wore, and what I did next

Another springy day.  I celebrated by not wearing a jacket or sweater, just my blouse was all I needed.  And what a polka-dotty blouse it was.  Paired with my newly thrifted loafer-boatshoe-boot hybrid.

And a favorite necklace, made by Mary.  I love turquoise, and I love how it has one little bird on it.

After I took these pictures I went for a walk around my neighbourhood.  There is always a beautiful week in Vancouver in the spring when all the ornamental cherry trees and the magnolia trees are in full bloom at once.  It's pretty magical on some streets; they become tunnels of blossoms, petals drifting down into piles in the gutters, and it gets that quiet  feeling like after a snowfall.


  1. I love your photos Alison. You live in a beautiful neighborhood! Some of those trees are so big! I am getting excited about living in the city a bit more now;)

  2. I love this time of year, and I love your neighbourhood! The trees look amazing, I love Magnolia. I also love the blouse! I really dig stripes and polka dots. The Makeup Event was great, I'll tell you all about it this weekend!