Sunday, April 19, 2009

Making Up

My friend Mary is an amazing makeup artist and although it's not her day job right now, she's updating her portfolio in case some opportunities come up, and just to stay in practice.  So she recruited some friends for modelling and we met at her place today so she could play with our faces.  What's so cool is that she enjoys it so much that it is like playing.  Picking colours, making things perfect.  Whenever she does mine, it always kind of depresses me because I like to imagine that my everyday look is about as good as it gets, but then I see what she can do and realize I could look way better if I had the skill, time, patience and right tools.  I'm a makeup slacker.

This is Jess getting purpled-up.

Mary's also good because she's so gentle and careful that it's quite relaxing getting it done.  Whenever I've had anyone else do it, I'm a little concerned that they are going to poke my eye, or jab at some blemish, but it's quite soothing to sit on Mary's stool for an hour feeling pampered.

This is the finished product.  The colours were more dramatic in real life; my camera's not great.  But it's so pretty, right?  I guess it helps that Jess has such great features and is so photogenic!


  1. You are so sweet, Alison! It's nice to hear that it's a pleasant experience and there's no fear of eye-poking. I'm excited about practising more!

  2. very pretty! jess looks like an italian aristocrat in the 60s.

  3. yes, alison, I totally agree! Getting makeup done by Mary is almost as good as an afternoon at the spa!

  4. Jess looks gorgeous! mary, you're so talented. love the purple colour.