Sunday, April 26, 2009

"and now the ears of my ears awake

and now the eyes of my eyes are opened"
-ee cummings

What a beautiful day to wake up feeling less sick!  A couple of days of feeling crappy and having no energy really reminds me how great life is when you're better.  It was sunny and warm and Karl and I did what we do best on weekends - go out for coffee and tea, share a pastry or two, and hit the thrift stores.  I bought a BIG bag of clothes.  I'm starting to worry that I'm getting addicted to having new-old things to wear.  I just feel better approaching the work week with a couple of new articles of clothing to cheer me up.  I guess there are worse vices. 

sneak preview of some of the stuff I bought

When we got home I mowed the lawn and got the next section of the garden ready for planting beet and carrot seeds tomorrow.  Karl grilled a roast and I made a huge Greek salad.  That's my other big vice; there are VERY few things in life that make me as happy as Greek salad.

And later tonight Rescue Me is on.  It's been over a year since they showed the last season, and I'd forgotten what a rad show it is.  And now it's on Sunday nights, which I love because I have Mondays off, so staying up until eleven is not a stretch.

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  1. Yummmmmmm, can I have some? Do you ever get a greek salad at an Opa, or something like that and it's just sooo disappointing? Wilty and flavourless with only one olive. Tragic.

    I'm glad you're feeling better!