Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Things... Smells good, looks good!

I needed a little pick-me-up the other day, so I splurged on some pretty soap.  I love the packaging; I'm not throwing that box away.  It's by Pacifica, they make all-natural soaps, soy-based candles etc., are fairly reasonably priced ($9 soap), and smell amazing.  This is Tahitian Gardenia and I can't stop inhaling!

The Value Village gods have been smiling on me lately.  The other night I got these amazing suede boots for TEN DOLLARS!  I thought it was a joke.  They are so soft and fit perfectly, can be worn slouchy, folded, or over-the-knee.  I was just reading a "Fall Essentials" list the other day which mentioned super-high boots and laughed to myself - for whom are over-the-knee boots an essential??  But now that I have some I am so into it.  The green tunic is Zara, from VV also.  It's linen, hence the rumpling by evening.  Oh well.
I'm getting a long overdue hair cut on Monday.  Any suggestions?  I love having my haircut.  I also love just going to my hairdresser's.  She's an artist and I always look forward to seeing her new painting and any new specimens she might have displayed.  She collected antique taxidermy and creates surprisingly beautiful little still lives (deaths) with them.  Check out her paintings at


  1. You make me feel very lazy for not thrift store shopping anymore! I can't believe how good you are! Of course, you're lucky to have such itty bitty feet. I also feel very lame for not going to see Kelly anymore, even though she's so fantastic. I think your hair is a great length and you should keep it as is... unless you really need a change. If that's the case then you should do just above the shoulder bob. That's my 2 cents! xoM

  2. ps. is Karl the photographer??

  3. Yes, karl is the photog, hence the stereo equipment.

  4. my hairstylist is moving away in june...i may have to switch to yours. ps: i never saw what your cut looked like.